Jill Breen, CPM

Linden Ridge Homebirth Care

As I gave birth to my daughter in 1970, alone with my husband, squatting on the floor, I felt I was tapping into the wisdom & power of generations of women going back and back and then forward like a conduit through time. I was called to be a midwife at the moment I embraced motherhood. I have 6 homeborn children,  and 7 grandchildren, all born into the hands of midwives.

I apprenticed with a homebirth midwife 1977-1979 and have continued to practice as a homebirth midwife in Central Maine since that time. My office, Linden Ridge Family Health, is located at my organic farm in St.Albans where I see women and families for prenatal, postpartum, and family health visits. I have been studying, using, and making herbal medicines for my family and my practice for many years and own Dragonfly Hollow Herbals. I believe in good food, clean air and water, natural remedies and supplements when needed, healthy lifestyle, love and a positive attitude for healthy moms, babies and families and safe joyous birth.

I am a founding member and officer of Midwives Of Maine, our over 30 year old statewide organization. I have been a CPM for over 17 years and a member of MANA for 30 years, serving as Region 1 Rep. to the MANA Board 1987-1991 and Policy Committee Chair, and as interim 2nd VP in 1992 and 1st VP 2011-2012, and as President 2012 - 2014.


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